Supporting PAW Team

Supporting PAW Team

by Jenny Ostoj April 06, 2020

Two Doods by Jo Rose Design believes that small businesses have a unique opportunity to give back to the communities they serve. That is why we are proud to support Portland Animal Welfare (PAW) Team to further their mission of providing free veterinary care to the pets of people who are homeless or living in extreme poverty. 

What is PAW Team all about?

Animals bring so much joy and love to our lives in good times and in bad. They do not judge us for how much money we make or what we do for a living and teach us countless lessons around gratitude, patience and unconditional love.

Studies show that companion animals are therapeutic in many ways, especially for those with mental disabilities or those struggling with substance abuse.

While those living in extreme poverty do not have a lot of money to spend on veterinary care, they love their animals just as much as anyone else and sometimes even more. Which is why we believe PAW Team's mission is so critical.

Here is an excerpt from their website about the growing need for these community services: 

As the Portland area’s homeless population has reached crisis levels, the vital work of the PAW Team is becoming ever more urgent and essential to the community.

This is evident at each of the PAW Team’s clinics, as diverse crowds of people, including families with children in strollers, young people, individual adults, seniors, and the disabled, some with canes or walkers, some in wheelchairs wait in line for their turn to be seen. Their beloved pets, seeking comfort and care, wait patiently with them on leashes and laps, in arms and carriers.

Since its inception, PAW Team has established itself as one of the only sources of free veterinary care for the pets of people who are experiencing homelessness or living in extreme poverty.

In 2019 alone, PAW Team helped 1700 pets. This includes distributing over 25,000 lbs of dog/cat food, as well as 522 spay and neuter surgeries.

PAW Team clients rely on these services to provide life-enhancing, lifesaving medical care to their beloved companion animals. PAW Team is proud to play a unique, vital role in contributing to the strength and integrity of our community’s social safety net.

How Does Two Doods Plan to Help?

Two Doods is excited to support PAW Team initiatives and is actively coming up with ways to help their cause. We currently donate overstock of gently used or damaged products to their organization and collect physical donations dog or cat supplies on their behalf. 

Additionally, we have plans to design a special PAW Team product where 100% of the profit from this product purchase supports their cause. Stay tuned for more information on that project soon!

How Can You Help?

  • PAW Team needs help getting the word out about their cause. Consider following them on Instagram and share their posts with your community!
  • Two Doods is planning to periodically run donation drives on behalf of PAW Team. Got extra food your picky dog won't eat? They also take gently used supplies like crates, dog apparel, grooming supplies, toys, leashes, and more. Watch for Two Doods hosted events for drop off dates or contact PAW Team directly to swing your donation by their location near 82nd.
  • Donate your time or money to their cause. Visit their website for volunteer opportunities or to donate funds.

Jenny Ostoj
Jenny Ostoj


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Sizing Chart

Measuring your Dog

It is highly recommended that you measure your dog before choosing a size. The following image outlines how to accurately capture three important measurements - neck, length, and chest - so that you get the best possible fit for your pup.

side profile of dog indicating dog apparel measurement points


Jacket Size Chart

Custom jacket orders can be accommodated if you need a dog coat with measurements in between sizes or larger sizing. Contact us to get additional information on this process.




10 in 13-18 in up to 11 in 10

12 in

14-20 in
up to 14 in 12
14 in 16-22 in up to 16 in 14
16 in
18-26 in
up to 17 in 16
19 in
22-30 in
up to 20 in 19
22 in
24- 32 in
up to 21 in 22
25 in 26- 36 in up to 22 in 25


Backpack Size Chart

dog backpack fit guide

 Bandana Size Chart

Measurements below indicate product length. If looser fit is desired, add 1-2 inches to your dog's neck measurement when choosing a size.

Neck Size
12-15 in S
16-19 in M
20-23 in L
24-29 in XL