What Matters Most

What Matters Most

by Jenny Ostoj January 15, 2019 4 Comments

To me, living a full life means being present and prioritizing what matters most.  

For the past 3 years, I have been on a journey to simplify my life and do more of what I love. This effort led me to explore minimalism in order to shed physical clutter, gain the freedom to make choices without financial burden, and ultimately have more time and energy to dedicate to my passions.  

In fact, it was the catalyst that prepared me to leave my corporate job in order to pursue Jo Rose Design full time.  

Removing possessions that didn’t add value to my life gave me space to focus on what I care about most, like sharing experiences with friends and family and working on projects that challenge a different part of my brain.  

I also learned that I could express myself through my wardrobe without having a closet so full that it was busting at the seams. Limiting my options encouraged me to do more with what I have and use my accessories to create new looks. I fell in love with the concept of capsule wardrobes that only include thoughtfully and intentionally chosen items.

I strongly believe that everything you own should serve a purpose.  That’s why Jo Rose Design is founded on three core principles, to be refined, intentional, and lasting. I also emphasize designs that have more than one function. For example, I love totes that can convert from crossbody to shoulder bags.

I hope that Jo Rose Design’s classic looks can help you establish a curated closet that you love, and ultimately allow you to focus on what matters most!

Jenny Ostoj
Jenny Ostoj


4 Responses


March 12, 2019

Shedding possessions that are not needed and embracing the items I love is a quest at this point in my life. I know you and your Jo Rose Design creations will speak to others who desire quality products made with intentionality, durability, and style in mind! Best wishes to you, Jenny!

Laura Ricker
Laura Ricker

January 22, 2019

I’m so stoked you have decided to follow your intuition and passion. You are incredibly talented, which was obvious in the first bags you promoted through social media and then quickly followed by another round of amazing product. Anyone who has seen your creations knows this is your path. I’m happy for you and can’t wait to see what your come up with to promote your inspirations. Best, Laura


January 17, 2019

Brave and Wise Woman leading the way!
Reading, contemplating, listening to you.
Design with a true and thoughtful purpose will last a long time.
Right behind you, Jenny!

Jenny 2
Jenny 2

January 17, 2019

Woohoo first to comment! You’re doin’ awesome my friend. You’ve done so much in these last 3 years, can’t wait to see what you do in the next 3. Now I really want to go into all my closets and cupboards and chuck all the crap I don’t need.

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Sizing Chart

Measuring your Dog

It is highly recommended that you measure your dog before choosing a size. The following image outlines how to accurately capture three important measurements - neck, length, and chest - so that you get the best possible fit for your pup.

side profile of dog indicating dog apparel measurement points


Jacket Size Chart

Custom jacket orders can be accommodated if you need a dog coat with measurements in between sizes or larger sizing. Contact us to get additional information on this process.




10 in 13-18 in up to 11 in 10

12 in

14-20 in
up to 14 in 12
14 in 16-22 in up to 16 in 14
16 in
18-26 in
up to 17 in 16
19 in
22-30 in
up to 20 in 19
22 in
24- 32 in
up to 21 in 22
25 in 26- 36 in up to 22 in 25


Backpack Size Chart

dog backpack fit guide

 Bandana Size Chart

Measurements below indicate product length. If looser fit is desired, add 1-2 inches to your dog's neck measurement when choosing a size.

Neck Size
12-15 in S
16-19 in M
20-23 in L
24-29 in XL