Hello!  I'm Jenny Ostoj, the designer and owner of Jo Rose Design.
I use waxed canvas and leather to create lifestyle products with an urban look and feel.

As a Portland native, I find inspiration in my surroundings, favoring clean lines and contrasting details that make a lasting statement.  

I'm a minimalist at heart, and strongly believe that every purchase should be made thoughtfully to serve a purpose in your daily life. I base my designs on those principles, focusing on quality materials that will stand the test of time, designs that never go out of style and thoughtful details that can support a busy lifestyle.

The company name combines my initials (J.O.) and middle name (Rose) and is also a nod to Portland's nickname as the City of Roses. 

Jo Rose Design Bags & Accessories

I learned all of my sewing and construction 

You'll note my love of travel in the names of my bags, which are attributed to my favorite cities.  

Two Doods by Jo Rose Design

My heart expanded exponentially when my husband and I welcomed two pups into our lives in 2019. As summer turned to fall and the rain set in, I found myself needing dog accessories that would work for our active outdoor lifestyle. Not satisfied with the color palette available in the dog performance wear in my local pet store, I expanded my line to make stylish yet performant products for active city pups.