Hello!  I'm Jenny Ostoj, the designer and owner of Jo Rose Design. 

As a Portland native, I find inspiration in my urban surroundings, favoring clean lines and contrasting details that make a lasting statement.  You'll note my love of travel in the names of my bags, which are attributed to my favorite cities.  

I'm also a minimalist at heart, and strongly believe that every purchase should be made thoughtfully to serve a purpose in your daily life. I base my designs on those principles, focusing on quality materials that will stand the test of time, designs that never go out of style and thoughtful details that can support a busy lifestyle in multiple ways.

Finally, I believe that life is too short not to pursue your passions.  So in 2017, I combined my initials (J.O.) and my middle name (Rose), and Jo Rose Design was born!

To learn more about the why behind Jo Rose, check out my first blog post: What Matters Most