Most Jo Rose products are created using leather, waxed canvas, and wool and each material has different care instructions. With a bit of occasional TLC, your Jo Rose products should last for years to come.

Leather Care:
Because leather is a natural material, light scratches or differences in color or texture can appear on the surface, but make each bag one of a kind and beautiful. Leather will develop a patina over time and will look better with age and wear.

Jo Rose Design recommends using a leather cleaner and conditioner on your leather bag for occasional cleaning. Apply a small amount of cleaner first, and then apply conditioner in a circular motion. Be sure to wipe off the excess with a slightly damp cloth. This will keep your leather soft and supple and avoid getting dried out.

If your leather bag gets wet, absorb as much water as possible with a thick microfiber towel and allow it to air dry. Then, condition it again before storing.

Waxed Canvas Care:
Waxed canvas is an amazing material that is water resistant, but does need a bit of care over time to maintain its repellence. You should not dry clean or use detergent on your waxed canvas products.  To clean, gently use a scrub brush with water, rinse, and let dry.  For spots or stains, use a mild bar soap, saddle soap, or waxed canvas cleaner, but always test a small area first.  After significant wear (such as your bag as dried out or lost water repellence), it is suggested that you re-wax your bag with a product such as Otter Wax.

Wool Care: The best way to care for your wool is to gently spot clean it with a gentle natural soap such as Dr Bronners baby shampoo. To remove any dirt or stains, blot with a very small amount of shampoo, and then blot again with clean water. It is not advised to use commercial detergent on your wool products.